Jeff Schwebach 
Jeff is "the shorter haired one."  He'll usually be playing a nice Martin guitar with a top that's made of over 50% super glue. "Thank God for DuPont, or my guitar wouldn't have a face," says Jeff.  Jeff will contort, twist, flip, and regularly break most of the bones in his body if it will entertain a crowd. "The time he dove into the wood chipper really brought the house down," says Mark. "It took me six weeks to glue him back together, and there's still some important pieces missing." 

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Just who are these guys?


We're glad you asked!
The Cartwright Brothers are
Mark Nelson and Jeff Schwebach. (Yes, that's right, they're not really brothers.) For over a decade, these two blokes have been roaming around the Midwest, leaving behind them a trail of silly that would make a weaker man shudder.

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